11. October 2017
Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall
13. September 2017
..we all are on a mission
07. August 2017
Who needs to be Baby proofed?
25. July 2017
Between the important D's
17. July 2017
Can we have it all or do we have to choose one?
12. July 2017
It's been a while since my last post in my blog, since my life has been busier than before. I am ready for my second Baby, Setting up my own label, which I've been working on since a couple of years and I feel the timing is just right. For the first time since my Kings birth, I flew alone to Istanbul for a couple of meetings and I found myself in midst of a busier city than I'm coming from. Humidity, traffic and the hotness in that city made everthing more unbearable that at the end I thought,...
03. July 2017
Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of cheerios.
22. June 2017
This summer, we've chosen to go to Antalya in south of turkey. Choosing the right hotel isn't always easy, but we we're lucky enough to get the best advice at TUI. IC Santai Hotel in Belek has one of the biggest Kids Club, for kids every age. Boasting a beachfront location in Belek, Ic Santai is an all- inclusive resort setinspaciouslandscaped gardens. The Star Swim Up Villa that we booked, opens the doort directly to the Lake Pool, which is separated from the other main pool from the hotel....
14. June 2017
Heaven is closer than you think, almost like your cropped wide leg to the floor.
12. June 2017
There is no wrong way to pair a sneaker with a dress. The trend is back.

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